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Alex Raban

The Goonies Vol 1

The Goonies Volume 1 from www.TheMannaMachine.Net on Vimeo.

In a far land distant from large city’s lays a town which some may consider desolate.
We feed in our concrete wasteland while dodging human rats in our path to scavenge our territories.

Kyle Walker
Conor Caron
Victor Galindo
Chris Perez
Alex Raban
Andrew Vancura
Austin Lliff

Jel-D.I.Y Partisan GreenBall
Blockhead-Attack The Doctor

Venue Breach: Santa Barbarians Video Premiere & Jam

The Santa Barbarian's "search for the holy rail" dvd has just released and they put on a video premiere & jam in Goleta, California. The event had a great vibe and awesome obstacles. The festivities carried on into the night and made for a great time. Check out the video to see what you missed out on.

Enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

FIlmed & Edited By: Larry Alvarado

Sponsored by:
Cranky’s bike shop
Giant bicycles
ODI grips
Volume bikes
Trinity cycles
Kink bike co

Hunt park rocks!

Here is another ODI flick. This time it comes with some aesop rock jams and Hunt skatepark action. We chilled out in riverside and filmed a lil bit at the park. The park was pretty hectic so we couldn’t film as much as we wanted to. The sesh was still fun and got few last clips in.
When editing this video we wanted to go towards the visual feel. We decided to go with a black and white video with some graffiti tittles and supplies. We shot all the free hand graffiti and spray cans and brought it into After Affects. From there we chroma keyed the images and over-layed them on the video. After a few tweaks here and there we were satisfied with our results.
With the graphics, music and the B&W it really made a great vibe.
Thanks ODI!

ODI “Finishline In store” Web video

We recently went on a trip with the ODI street crew to Mexico. The trip was rad! We cruised around Socal for most of the 10 day trip then made it toward the border the last few days. We stopped Finishline Pro Bike Shop which is the last bicycle shop before you hit the border. The dudes hung out with all the kids and rode a grind box. The atmosphere was awesome and all the riders did it right. Everyone met each other on the rider to rider level which made this edit come out great. These are the things you need to take into consideration when filming. It is not always about what you film it is how you make the riders involved feel.

Mountain Lions go urban

Kyle Walker A.K.A the Mountain Lion is one of our good friend and he has a video up on RideBMX with a small interview. Alex Raban is one of our main contributors and had a chance to film and edit it. I came out really dope, so we asked Alex a few questions about his task to make it happen. If you a filmer, editor or anyone that is interested about what goes into making a Web videos keep coming back we will have more of info like this available.


Filming Duration: June 2011-November 2011
Editing Duration: 3-5 days
Filmed With what camera: Sony Vx-2100
Lens’s: Century Optics Mark2
Computer System: Apple Mac G5 Desktop
Non-linear editing system: Final Cut Pro 5
Graphics Program: Photoshop & After Affects
Compression Program: N/A

Filmers Info:

Favorite Shots: 0:43 Bar over the roof hip. Set up was dope!
Favorite Tricks: 2:09 Superman off the wedge. The wedge was prefect
What do you enjoy about filming with Kyle: Usually the setups he take me to and watching him shred everything in sight.
any other mentions: Keep an eye out for this Mountain Lion!

You Won’t: Raban-Galindo-Smith-Roland

TheMannaMachine.net Presents: YOU WONT!

Watch as these hungry homosapien’s battle each other
for the glory in the sunny hills of the Central Coast.
In the sake of fun we bring you a Game Of Bike!

Now go out and do the same!

-Manna Machine-

Victor Galindo
Robert Smith
Alex Raban
Trevor Roland

Caliwumpus: Trevor Roland Intro

Caliwumpus in association with TheMannaMachine.Net Present: Caliwumpus: Trevor Roland Intro Cut

In the making of CaliWumpus this intro was contributed for Brandon Eckles DVD. Unfortunately the intro did not exactly worked the way we planned. So it got scrapped and now online for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Visit- caliwumpus.blogspot.com to order the DVD and for Wumpus lifestyle updates.

Manna Mix Monday’s: Street Goonies

Mini Van Mania: Tranny Rippin’

Morning shred sesh down the coast.