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Tupac Sighting!!!

I just seen this edit and didn’t plan on posting anything today, but when I seen the Tupac Shakur mask I had to post it. I am a big fan of Tupac and any time you put bmx a Pac together you know it’s good.
What I liked about this edit is that everything was shot very professional and the editing had BMX in mind. The video showed a bunch of things going on besides just trick, trick, trick like most of the novice videos have now a days. You can appreciate the hard work the builders, and riders deal with when putting on this event.
This video has a bunch of the top pro’s getting loose on the course. It is also cool to see some local guys sprinkled in. There is a bunch good clips in here, like a grind off a huge sub box and tech combo’s all over the place. The course is really dope! It has almost everything you can think of, bank to rails, sub box’s, kicker to rails, hips, Pyrimids, and set ledges. If this sppot was still around it would get shredded by BMXer’s and skaters.

Filmed by: Ryan Navazio & Dave Mavro

Edited by: Ryan Navzio

Camera: I believe both were filming with Hpx-170′s I will find out.

-Larry Alvarado-

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