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Larry Alvarado: What’s this Parazzi $#!T

pa·pa·raz·zo   [pah-puh-raht-soh; It. pah-pah-raht-tsaw]
noun, plural pa·pa·raz·zi  [-raht-see; It. -raht-tsee].
a freelance photographer, especially one who takes candid pictures of celebrities for publication.

I do not go by this label but every time I am out filming my buddies and we get kicked out of a spot I hear this. I am a rider that just so happens to film. Spend a few minutes watching this video of the spots I encounter while filming my friends.
Big thanks to Matt @Profile racing, Colby @ODI, Chris @S&M for the great times!
-Larry Alvarado-

Quick Flix: Tequesquite Park

All trails come and go. Here we have local shredder, Steve-Oh Sharp flowing the tequesquite jumps about a year ago. With the ongoing urbanization in riverside, they have been plowed and are in the middle being turned into a public park. Peep the photo below to see the plans.

Enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

ParKore: Kirk Shearer @ Bobby bonds

The Manna Machine is proud to present “ParKore”. These video will incorporate tons of skatepark footage and will be highlighting park riders or park in general. If you get kicks from flowing the crete then these videos are biologically engineered for you.

We met up with Redlands local Kirk Shearer at Bobby bonds skatepark in Riverside, California and ask him to film a few clips. He was totally down, so we threw him a monkey wrench. Kirk is super good so we asked him to just flow around the park and just do what eve comes to mind. As usual he wow'ed us with his creativity.
Yeah Brotherian!

enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

Filmed & edited by: Larry Alvarado

Venue Breach: Luke Parslow’s “It is what it is Jam 2″

Luke Parslow's yearly "It is what it is" jam went down this weekend in our local area. With this event being so close to home, we decided to go and support our fellow homies. Luke is always looking after his boys and this year he stepped it up and wanted to help out the Thomas Hancock foundation as well with his continued Stephen Murray contribution. All funds went to both foundations to help our local riders & families.
As always the turn out was great! The jam started at 6pm and and Luke Parslow, Tj Ellis, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Cory "Nasty" Nastazio, Paul Langland, Kris Fox, Joey Cordova, Matt Cordova, Justin Spreit, Polo Padilla were there to shred. Big thanks to all the sponsors that made this hapen!

Enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

FIlmed by: Patrick Taber & Larry Alvarado
Edited By: Larry Alvarado

SE bikes

Super8 Movie: 20 Years ago

A few years ago my grandfather was getting ill due to his old age. My aunt uncovered many rolls of Super8 film that was shot and developed. She asked me to transfer it and make a Dvd. Unfortunately while I was transferring it, I bumped the projector and burned out the bulb. It isn't like they sell the bulbs at Walmart so the project halted to a stop. Long story short, I was in search of one and had no luck. Patience grew then and I had to return the films to the rightful owner. This is the 6-7 minutes that I transferred, I chopped the footage real quick and found a song that was near the time length of the movie. This footage is of my family from about 20 years ago, everyone has grown or passed now, but the future is bright.

Enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

Transferred & Edited By: Larry Alvarado

Hunt park rocks!

Here is another ODI flick. This time it comes with some aesop rock jams and Hunt skatepark action. We chilled out in riverside and filmed a lil bit at the park. The park was pretty hectic so we couldn’t film as much as we wanted to. The sesh was still fun and got few last clips in.
When editing this video we wanted to go towards the visual feel. We decided to go with a black and white video with some graffiti tittles and supplies. We shot all the free hand graffiti and spray cans and brought it into After Affects. From there we chroma keyed the images and over-layed them on the video. After a few tweaks here and there we were satisfied with our results.
With the graphics, music and the B&W it really made a great vibe.
Thanks ODI!

Line it up: Ghoe’s Barber Shop

Riverside, California local Gio Valdovino has been servicing the inland empire with the finest cuts & shaves for over (6) years. With his rockabilly character & an eye for perfection he offers one of the finest styles. He continues his progression with a full service barber shop.
Ghoe’s barber shop specializes in all traditional haircuts, pompadors, tapers, fades including your traditional hot towel shaves. It is located just outside the heart of downtown riverside on Magnolia & Jurupa ave. neatly tucked in the Jurupa Plaza behind 7-11 convenient store.

Cruise on in and enjoy our hospitality,
Gio Valdovino
Ghoe’s Barber Shop
P. 951-892-2013
3765 Jurupa ave. Suite J
Riverside, Ca 92506
Ghoe’s Barber Shops’ Facebook page

Filmed & edited By: Larry Alvarado

Aspect Ratio: Isaac Orosco

Aspect ratio is largely used in video as a reference of a images width related to it's height. 4:3 is commonly used for Standard definition television, 5:3 is Super 16mm film and 16:9 for High definition wide screen Tv. We run into riders in all shapes, sizes and styles which are pleasing to the eye. As they fly around earth we travel on their side and capture their energy. We return from reality and furnish you with this video of Isaac Orosco to consume.

Enjoy & distribute to your fellow humans,

Filmed & Edited By: Chris Gille
Motion Graphics: Larry Alvarado

Aspect Ratio’s coming soon… Chris Rivers, Freddy Paz…

Liquor Store Junkies 90′S Party W/ B.G. Knocc Out

A classic 90′s West coast throw back party hosted by BG Knocc Out with performances by Liquor Store Junkies, Pacific Mob, Cream Click,Tony Muthaphukin G, New Birth Ent, Chill-C, Menace 5150 & Lex Vendetta.
-The Manna Machine-

Real Talk: B.G. Knocc Out

Dear Fans/Followers,
The Manna Machine would like to present you with our first ever “Real Talk” Episode. These are Real Talk interviews with people from around the world that bring you the entertainment you love. We are proud to be working with Liquor Store Junkies, Gritty Style Entertainment, Autoraxx Graffiti Magazine, Professional Bmxer’s and many more to come.
To start it off we are excited to have Rap Artist B.G. Knocc Out let us know about his new album releasing any day now. Hip Hop artist J.Loco from Liquor Store Junkies caught up with him at Frank Nitty’s Networking Party in Lake Elsinore California to see what’s crackin’. If you have never heard of him, he is better known for performing on Eazy E’s famous track “Real Motherfukin G’s. This track has been featured in Fit Bike Co.’s Eddie Cleveland Section on Fit Life that all riders have enjoyed for years. Check out this video to find out what’s on his New Album “Eazy E’s Protege”.
Thanks for the Love!
-The Manna Machine-

Pre Order B.G. Knocc Out’s Album

B.G Knocc Out’s Contacts:


Facebook #1

Facebook #2


This Was Sponsored By:

Liquor Store Junkies

The Manna Machine

Gritty Style Entertainment


The Section starts at 15:48

R.I.P Eazy E

If you would be interested in Participating in a Interview please Contact: The Manna Machine at: themannamachine@gmail.com and place “Real Talk” in the subject box.

Quick Flix: Chris Gille – Snagle Tooth

I was filming Chris Gille for his “Hunt” part and happened to catch this flick of him Snagle toothing his flat rail. If you are not sure what a snagle tooth grind is? Leave a comment below and if we get enough inquires we will make a video explanation.
-Larry Alvarado-

Benefit Jam: “It is what it is” Jam


Quick Flix: Jurupa Skatepark

We shot a bunch of photos of some of the locals at Jurupa Skatepark. Kyle Venegas and Lorenzo Feal were
there to help us out. Check out the album on our facebook page to see some more flix.
-Larry Alvarado-

Under the Gun: Tattoo’s By Dianna

This is a lil piece I did for my sister. We filmed this in about 30 mins. I edited a few days later. This is the result.
-Larry Alvarado-